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NABH Accreditation

What Does NABH Accreditation Signify for Hospitals?

NABH or National Accreditation Board for Hospitals is a national accreditation body that ensures the quality of healthcare organizations. It also significantly demonstrates a marketing advantage in the competitive healthcare sector. Therefore hospitals with NABH accreditation can successfully benchmark their services with the global standards and increase patient footfall. This also, in turn, increases the medical tourism market in India.

Merits of NABH Accreditation

  • Patient’s Faith
    The importance of NABH accreditation builds patient’s trust. Patients consider this accreditation as an assurance that a particular hospital and its services are of top-notch quality. So with NABH, hospitals can gain footfall of patients. It also increases their name and reputation.
  • Marketing Benefit
    When a hospital receives NABH accreditation it becomes a part of the medical tourism sector. A popular hospital will always stand out and will attract people from other states and countries for the quality of treatment. NABH accreditation increases confidence among patients about the healthcare facilities offered by a particular hospital.
  • Mandatory by IRDA
    NABH Accreditation is mandatory by IRDA for the purpose of insurance. If any hospital has to go for cashless insurance schemes, they need NABH accreditation which will ensure fair billing.
  • Certified and Trained Staff
    One of the best things about NABH Hospital is the assurance of certified nurses and technicians. Patients can completely rely if they see a hospital with NABH accreditation. If someone wants unhindered quality work, a NABH-recognised hospital is best for them. It is like a stamp of approval from a recognized body that the healthcare provider follows industry standards.

Who can get NABH accreditation?
It’s not a simple or easy process for any hospital to get the NABH even at an entry level without strict adherence to a set of rules, regulations and procedures. This is why not every hospital applies for NABH. 

Many hospitals are not interested in getting this accreditation because it is a lengthy process and costs more money than running a hospital without this accreditation. Moreover, a hospital must meet all the parameters in terms of the infrastructure to be able to enroll for NABH.

NABH gives us as consumers access to global quality healthcare services. This makes sure that the visit to the hospital is less uneasy and more comforting. Everything from the reception area to the emergency unit must make patients and their families feel satisfied.

Why Should You Visit Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital?
We believe in utmost satisfaction and world-class quality services. From our infrastructure to cost-effective treatment services, we aim to make every patient feel cared and loved. We are one of the leading NABH-accredited hospitals in Vadodara. 

So if you require a reliable place to treat yourself or anyone in your family, we are there to help you.