Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital


Our kidneys are the most important organs in our bodies for filtering and managing waste. Even minor discomfort in the kidneys can cause a great deal of distress in the body. Further, over 30% of critically-ill patients suffer from renal failure, with varying degrees of severity. As a result, referring it to an experienced nephrologist is critical in order to accurately identify and treat the condition. To treat such critically ill patients, Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital (NSMH) ’s Nephrology Department is well-equipped and staffed with the greatest nephrologists in India.

Let’s walk you through some of the services from our long list of treatment and clinical approaches that you get at Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital (NSMH) :
  • Angiography and angioplasty of the kidneys
  • Histopathological examination of a renal biopsy
  • Exchange of plasma
  • Peritoneal dialysis

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Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital (NSMH) came into existence in 2018 with an objective to provide high-rated medical treatments to all patients without being biased.