Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital


Kidney Specialist Hospital In Vadodara


The kidneys play a vital role in our human body. It is the organ responsible for cleansing the blood in our body that has excessive fluids and waste in our body. The organ helps maintain a proper balance of salt and minerals in the blood and regulates blood pressure. At Narayan Smruti Multi Speciality Hospital, our certified and qualified nephrologists provide comprehensive consultation to individuals suffering from kidney disorders. From assisting them diagnose with a kidney problem to helping them with treatment services, all you can avail yourself of is one place. The Narayan Smruti Multi Speciality Hospital is specialized in treating all its patients with proper care and a healthy environment that helps the patients overcome their fear of the disease and receive innovative and most-advanced treatment from a panel of expert doctors and physicians working together to treat their patients with a coordinated way that they best for their health and update.

Treatments Offered,

  • Urology Related
  • Vascular or Surgical Procedures
  • Renal Replacements
  • Dialysis
  • Kidney Transplantation
  • Plasma Exchange
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment

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