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Spine Surgery

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Spine Surgery

Spinal Surgery has been one of the most successful surgeries of the last millennium. Since the introduction of this procedure, millions of people worldwide have been able to move around freely without discomfort or deformity, leading to a better quality of life. With the support of some of India’s most excellent spine surgery and treatment specialists, at Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital, we have been able to provide world-class spine surgery services, including:

  • Surgeries conducted in an ultra-clean laminar airflow OT to reduce the chances of infection
  • Use of Body exhaust suits to ensure that even their breath does not come into touch with the surgical area
  • Usage of advanced bone-cutting equipment to achieve a precise and flawless bone cut for optimum implant fitting
  • For pre-and post-operative patient care, we offer a group of highly skilled surgeons and the most excellent consultants in their disciplines.
  • ICU with all the necessary equipment to care for high-risk patients
  • For rapid recovery, a dedicated team of physiotherapists and nursing personnel.

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