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Physiotherapy is a therapy that uses time-tested techniques to restore function and movement to an individual affected by a disability, injury or medical condition. Physiotherapists support people affected by illness, injury or disability through exercise and exercise, education, manual therapy and counselling. Physiotherapy helps prevent various health problems in the heart, soft tissues, bones and joints, chest and lungs, brain and nervous system. Therefore, physical therapy can help reduce medication, avoid surgery, reduce pain, and reduce the risk of injury. Physiotherapists work in various settings, such as medical centres, hospitals, workplaces, schools, private practice and the community.


The hospital is committed to providing the highest quality physical therapy services to patients so that they can find relief from the disease or condition they are experiencing. The hospital provides a wide range of services, as described below.

Physiotherapy services serve children and adult patients across all departments of our hospital, as well as in the community, outpatient and rural settings.

Hospital physiotherapists assess patients, including their impairments, function, and medical history

Other services the hospital provides include assessing and treating patients’ progress toward recovery goals and educating and educating families, patients and caregivers.

Treatment is tailored to the needs of the patient.


The physiotherapy department in this hospital consists of a Senior Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Manager, a Practice Tutor, a Physiotherapy Attendant, Basic Grade Physiotherapists and clerical officers.

The hospital’s physiotherapy centre has a vast room fully equipped with the latest therapeutic techniques to ensure that the patients get the best in class treatment.

The trained physiotherapists at the hospital ensure that all the patients get the best of services without giving them a single chance to complain.

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