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Narayan Smruti Hospital's csr initiatives

Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital Makes a Difference: A Look at Our CSR Initiatives

Did you know that every pregnant woman has specific nutritional requirements? Without proper nutrition, a pregnant woman cannot deliver a healthy baby or stay fit. The entire sustenance of the child depends on the mother’s food habits. Thus it is of utmost importance to take care of maternal nutrition.

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At Narayan Smruti we understand that nutritional intake is critical during pregnancy. A balanced diet for a pregnant woman ensures the baby receives the necessary nutrition. Also, a well-structured diet for pregnant women ensures that both mother and child have healthy body weight.

Thus the entire Narayan Smruti team is committed to promoting the importance of proper nutrition intake and well-being of pregnant women in the community. As part of our outreach program, we took an innovative step where we provided flavoured milk to pregnant ladies at the 4 Aanganwadi in Vadodara. At present the number of Anganwadi we are serving has increased to 19 and we are helping 141 women.

Importance of our CSR Initiatives

Because we believe that mothers are the creators of society. This is why taking care of the health of pregnant women is extremely important. For expectant mothers, we are delivering flavoured milk that nourishes their overall well-being and provides much-needed nutrition. We distribute this milk free of cost and our team is dedicated to serving the community.

About Narayan Smruti Hospital

If you have been looking for the best multispeciality hospital in Vadodara, your search ends with Naryan Smruti. We take pride in being a multi-specialty hospital where we take care of every disease and ailment. We have a specialized team of doctors for every different department.

Most of the time patients look for a place that has enough trained staff and advanced equipment. Hospitals or clinics with no proper facilities cannot serve patients with everything they need. At Narayan Smruti we make sure that our patients feel cared and receive every sort of facility from best physicians to 24*7 emergency units.

We keep track of patients’ records from different departments, creating a uniform structure for everyone. The best part is we have every necessary equipment required for different procedures and treatments.

Whether you are looking for OPD, Ambulance or ICU, we are fully equipped to assist you anytime you need.