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Myths & Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

Did you know people still fear the idea of knee replacement surgery? This is only because of certain myths that revolve around knee replacement. So let us debunk the five most common myths about knee replacement surgery to help you make the smart and right decision about your health.

Myth 1: You must be an aged individual

It is a common misconception that knee replacement surgery is only for people above 60 years. The fact is knee problems can affect people of all ages, from athletes to people with medical conditions. Several factors can contribute to knee problems such as arthritis, injury, obesity, etc. 

Fact: Age is not the sole criterion that decides whether or not you should be doing knee replacement. One must consult with an experienced orthopedic doctor to be able to decide if they should go for knee replacement at all. Knee replacement surgery is basically recommended for people with severe knee problems who haven’t responded to other treatment options. If you are looking for the best treatment for knee replacement in Vadodara, you may consult with our doctor at Narayan Smruti hospital.

Myth 2: It is a very Risky Procedure

This is one of the biggest myths about knee replacement that has been around for many years. What many fail to understand is that every surgery carries some risk and knee replacement surgery does not specifically involve any additional risk. It has rather a very low complication rate.

Some risks associated with knee replacement are infection, blood clot formation, implant failure, or nerve damage. However, these risks are not common and rarely occur. The best part is with the help of proper pre-operative care and post-surgery care these risks can be minimized.

Fact: These days modern surgical techniques and technological advancements reduce the risks associated with knee replacement surgery significantly. Multi-Specialty hospitals now offer computer-assisted or robot-assisted surgeries which eliminate the possibility of implant failure.

Myth 3: The Chance of Success is very Low

This is another misconception that says that the success rate in knee replacement is quite low. On the contrary to this common belief, knee replacement is regarded as a safe and effective treatment option for damaged, diseased, or worn-out knees. The success rate is almost 95%. 


The success rate of knee replacement surgery majorly depends on the severity of the problem, the patient’s overall health the post-operative care and the quality of implants. These factors will determine if the surgery is successful. 

Myth 4: Knee Implants Never Have Longer Lifespan

Earlier knee replacement surgeries were done using implants that were susceptible to wear and tear. Nowadays with the advanced technology, implants come in durable materials. Implants made of ceramic are highly long-lasting. 

Fact: Always make sure that your implant material is of durable quality. Talk to your healthcare specialist to learn about the implants used.

Myth 5: Knee Replacement Surgery is very Expensive

If you compare the cost of knee replacement surgery in India with that of other countries, it is quite cost-effective. 


The cost totally depends on your location, the severity of the damage, the type of procedure, the medical condition of the patient, and the type of implant being used. 

If you are looking for the finest services and best knee replacement surgery in Vadodara, talk to us. At Narayan Smruti, we deliver not just treatments, but a promise to a better life.