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Understanding Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Understanding Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is a health condition related to the urinary system. The stones found inside the kidney are hard mineral fragments. These stones are made up of calcium or uric acid deposition in most cases. They can be small or large. If they are small in size they normally pass out of the kidney through urine. However, the larger kidney stones need to be removed with invasive treatments in most cases. 

People with kidney stones must not delay medical attention for long. But many times people may not understand that they have stones in their kidneys. For this, it is necessary to identify the signs and symptoms of kidney stones. 

Major Symptoms to Understand Kidney Stones

  • Intense Pain
    It can be pain in the back, belly, or side when one has kidney stones. Some people may experience severe pain just like the pain during childbirth. When you experience severe pain you must get medical help immediately. Visit a kidney stone hospital in Vadodara and seek an urologist who will be able to diagnose and provide the right treatment. 
  • Burning Sensation Urination
    One of the most common early signs of having kidney stones is the burning feeling while you urinate. Sometimes this burning sensation may come with a dull or intense pain. Many people mistake such symptoms for urinary tract infections. This is why it is necessary to seek medical help at once to be sure if you have UTI or kidney stones. For kidney stone treatments in Vadodara, make sure you visit Narayan Smruti Multispecialty Hospital. 
  • Urgent or Frequent Need to Go
    If you are someone who finds yourself running to the bathroom every time and frequently, then it is a serious symptom that must not be neglected. The urgent need to go is a sign that the kidney stone has moved to the lower part of your urinary tract. 
  • Urine with Blood
    Noticing blood with urine is quite common when one has a kidney stone. This blood can look pale red or brownish too. Make sure you see a doctor and get your urine sample evaluated. 
  • Nausea and Vomiting
    It’s quite common for people with kidney stones to experience nausea and vomiting frequently. The presence of a stone in the kidney triggers nerves in the GI tract, setting off an upset stomach. One can feel nauseated when experiencing intense pain. 
  • Fever With Chills
    When one has an infection in the urinary tract or any serious conditions related to the kidney, fever along with chills may occur frequently. This is a symptom that needs urgent medical attention since fever can also indicate severe complications of the kidney or urinary tract. 

    Now that you know all the common signs and symptoms of kidney stones, it is only important to stay aware. To avoid kidney stones one must always drink plenty of water. Along with this, avoid an overdose of calcium supplements and too much high protein diet. 

    If you are looking for a kidney specialist In Vadodara, get in touch with Narayan Smruti. We are always ready to provide the best care and support.