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Winter Wellness: 10 Tips for Avoiding Colds and Flu

When it comes to the winter season, colds and flu become common. In order to prevent cold and flu symptoms one must practice certain habits and follow the below-mentioned tips.

Here are the 10 best tips on how to protect against flu in winter.

  • Washing Hands

Washing your hands is a crucial thing that everyone must practise. Never eat anything without washing your hands first. This is vital because regular hand washing can reduce the spreading of germs. Make sure that washing your hands is your daily habit at every possible break.

  • Hand Sanitizer

Soap and water may not be available all the time. This is why you must keep a hand sanitizer with you, especially when you are travelling. Always use an alcohol-based hand rub containing at least 60 percent alcohol. Studies show that alcohol-based sanitizers are more effective at killing germs.

  • Clean Your Rooms

From kitchen to bathroom, your house should be cleaned properly. Ensure that the kitchen tops, door handles, windows, curtains, floors and bed linens are all germ-free and clean. Germs can live on hard surfaces for several hours and even days. A clean house is always a healthy one.

  • Wash Your Clothes

Be it your daily wear clothes, towels or winter woollens, always wash every item as per their washing instructions. Also, try not to mix contaminated clothes with our fresh clothes. Use a laundry basket to separate your unclean clothes.

  • Adequate Sleep

Your body needs proper rest and sleeping for 7 to 8 hours is best for your immune system. To keep your body’s immunity power strong, make sure you never skip sleeping.

  • Drink Enough Fluid

Dehydration can make you unhealthy and prone to fall sick quickly. Therefore try to intake lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated daily during winter.

  • Healthy Diet

For winter cold and flu prevention, a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is always recommended. Foods such as citrus fruit, berries, mangoes, apricots, carrots and beetroot support the immune system. Also, try to avoid refined sugar and junk food.

  • Lots of Fresh Air

Avoid staying in one place for the entire day. Go out for a walk and breathe deeply. You may do a morning walk for fresh air that helps to keep your immunity strong. Avoid places that are too crude and have heavy traffic.

  • Daily Exercise

Exercise helps to boost blood circulation which keeps your whole body strong and healthy. Daily workout also stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to eliminate toxins and waste.

  • Manage Stress 

Stress is one of the biggest factors that weaken the immune system. And with a weak immune system, one has more chances of catching a cold or flu. Therefore, try to manage your stress through different activities such as dance, painting, journaling, yoga or anything that you enjoy.

What you can do if you need treatment for cold or flu?

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