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Manage Arthritis in Winter: Understanding Symptoms and Effective Solutions

Did you know Arthritis can develop at any age?

The when factor depends on which type of arthritis you have and what’s causing it. The most common osteoarthritis affects adults older than 50. On the other hand, Rheumatoid arthritis usually develops in adults aged 30 to 60.

But no matter what type of arthritis you have, it tends to get worse when the weather turns cold. So let us discuss how to manage arthritis symptoms in winter.

Common Arthritis Symptoms 

  1. Joint pain.
  2. Stiffness or reduced range of motion.
  3. Inflamed joints.
  4. Skin discoloration.
  5. Tenderness or sensitivity to touch around a joint.
  6. The area near your joints feels warm.

The symptoms may vary and differ from person to person based on the type of arthritis and the severity of the condition.

How to Prevent Arthritis from Getting Worse in Winter?

  • Staying warm works great when it comes to protecting your joints in winter. If your joints don’t like the winter chill, layer up with warm clothes and keep your legs protected. You may also use an electric heating pad or an electric blanket to keep yourself warm while you’re napping. You might even consider soaking in a hot bath to help loosen stiff joints.
  • Exercise works the best as it manages arthritis pain and keeps your joints healthy. Regular physical activity boosts good blood circulation and increases your flexibility and range of motion.
  • Stretching regularly is another way to keep your joints happy as it can help loosen stiff joints. With flexible muscles and joints, you’re less likely to get injured or feel pain. You must start stretching with simple movements. Always be gentle on your joints.
  • A proper diet is another factor that can reduce your arthritis symptoms in winter. Making changes to your diet won’t cure arthritis, but it will definitely help in reducing inflammation, strengthening bones and boosting your immune system. Try to incorporate food rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Also, avoid refined carbohydrates.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight reduces pain and stiffness. After all, the more weight you carry around, the more pressure you’ll place on your bones and tissues. This is why make sure you do not go overweight or become underweight.

Should You Consult a Doctor?

When it comes to arthritis in cold weather treatment you should see an experienced healthcare provider who will diagnose arthritis with physical exams. They’ll examine your affected joints and learn about your symptoms.

The doctor will run some tests such as x-rays and ultrasound to understand the severity of the condition. Next, the doctor may check the range of motion (how far you can move a joint). They may compare one joint to the other.

Since there is no cure for arthritis, doctors will help you find treatments that manage your symptoms. So if you are suffering from arthritis pain and find it difficult to manage during the cold weather, go for a checkup today.

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